Acoustic Guitar Lessons – Have you ever wanted to learn Fingerpicking Acoustic Guitar?

Well you’re not the only one! In fact that is one of the techniques I get asked about the most. So you know what I gone ahead and did for ya? Filmed some fingerpicking guitar lessons videos for you. While I was at it I got this killer idea. Since Fingerpicking Acoustic Guitar is such a sought after skill I decided to deem all the Fridays for the next year “Fingerpicking Friday”. Bold move for a bald guy like me, I know.

But what the heck! I dig a challenge and you dig fingerpicking acoustic guitar right? So it’s a win-win which is my kind of deal. All the lessons will be free and you can post questions on the blog and everything. I’ll keep filming as long as you keep cheering me on. Fair enough? I think so…

So anyway what we’re gonna do is start with the basics and gradually get more into it. Every Friday there will be a new lesson that you can download and you can post your questions in the comments section and I’ll answer those on my… wait… for… it…

…Q&A Wednesdays!!! Online learning is great but what happens when you get a question about the lesson or guitar in general? The videos on YouTube won’t answer that exact question for you. So the deal with the Q&A Wednesdays will be the following… You throw them questions at me, I setup the ‘ole camera and film you some answers? Once again another win-win…

So start by posting some questions and I’ll get filming. My editors are gonna have there hands full while we’re playing guitar. I honestly believe that you have what it takes to become a killer guitarist! Seriously… All you need is some guidance and proper lessons. That’s where I come in so make sure to leave your questions and cheers in the comments section anywhere on the blog and I’ll get busy!

See ya.



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