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Welcome to Acoustic Guitar!

Acoustic Guitar LessonsI add new Acoustic Guitar Lessons here every week so if you want to learn acoustic guitar then you’ve come to the right place. I will teach you how to play chords, how to read and use strumming patterns, fingerpicking, easy guitar songs and more.

I’ll also share tips on how to practice the right way in order to get the best and fastest results when learning to play guitar plus loads of other helpful tips that are easy to implement into your own playing.

I realize that learning to play guitar might seem hard but it’s actually easy if you practice the right stuff. But you probably have a few questions you’d like to get answered? Well I’ve got you covered there as well…

If you have any questions about learning to play acoustic guitar let me know in the comments section or join us on our Acoustic Guitar Lessons Facebook Page! There’s a great community there and you can hook up with other likeminded people who play this incredible instrument we all love!

The Blog

Visit the blog where you can get loads of acoustic guitar lessons or simply use one of the links below.

Learning to play acoustic guitar doesn’t have to be hard and I’d like nothing more than to show you how easy it is if you follow the right lessons.

The Weekly Lessons

Every week I publish 2 different video series called Fingerpicking Fridays and Strumming Saturdays. These videos start from scratch and will show you exactly how to use strumming and fingerpicking in your playing.

The Newsletter

I also publish a monthly newsletter which you can subscribe to here: Acoustic Guitar Lessons Newsletter.

I wish you every success in your endeavour to become a competent guitarist and if you have any questions let me know!

Happy Strumming!!



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